About Enigma9...

Enigma9 is an Electronic Producer from the UK. He is of Mauritian heritage and was born and raised as a youth in Essex during the 80's and 90's.. A true bi-product of cultural diversity in the UK.

Enigma9's influences are equally diverse; from The Prodigy, Jamiroquai, The Killers to Mobb Deep, Bob Marley and Musiq Soulchild; his signature sound is unmistakably dark, euphoric and hard hitting, with elements of Hip Hop, Drum & Bass and Techno.


From an early age he displayed an obsession with music. He would study Michael Jackson albums in awe of the melodies, the impact, the sonics and would spend hours learning the song lyrics. During the early 90's pirate radio stations played a major role in Enigma9's transition from music fan to artist. The rave scene was intoxicating and Jungle music was the flavour of the moment. Enigma9 produced his first ever beat aged just 12 years old using a cheap Yamaha keyboard where he layered bass samples over a Jungle tempo beat and recorded down to TDK (for those old enough to remember what that is).

A few years later he also developed a love for House & Garage and Hip Hop music. With close school friends and equipped with belt drive turntables, he learned to mix records and soon also began writing lyrics. By the age of 17, under the alias MC Pasa, he had regular slots on pirate radio and courtesy of PureGarage.com, he had appeared alongside the mighty Heartless Crew as a guest MC on London's infamous Freek FM. Within a year he had secured club residencies with legendary UKG promoters Garage Nation and Sun City. By 2001 he had performed out in Aiya Napa with Sun City, held weekly radio shows on Deja Vu, Delight, Force and Heart Radio (formerly Essex FM) and was fortunate enough to have performed live sets with UKG legends including DJ EZ, So Solid & Heartless Crew. He had the pleasure of working alongside so many talented individuals who shared the same passion for music. However, nothing in life is infinite.. The vibe in the UKG scene soon changed and he was no longer enjoying the music. It wasn’t long before he decided to hang up his mic.. He did however re-discover his love and ability to produce music..






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